Terms & Conditions

Deposit & Payment

Your reservation will only be confirmed on receipt of a deposit for 50% of the hire charge. The balance of the hire charge, plus any optional extras requested, must be paid no less than 4 weeks before the commencement of hire. If the balance is not paid when due, GoBongo reserves the right to cancel the booking.

Security Deposit & Hirer's Liabilities

Seven days before departure the hirer will be invoiced for a security deposit, which must be available as cleared funds by the collection date. The normal security deposit will be £500, but may be increased on the advice of our insurers.  

Note your insurance excess will be £1000, of which only half is covered by the security deposit.  This will normally be the limit of your liability to us in the event of partial or total loss or damage to the vehicle or our equipment. However, you will be held liable for all uninsured losses, including consequential losses to GoBongo in the event that you have :

Refund of Security Deposit

Your security deposit will be refunded in full provided that you return the vehicle :

We will normally refund your deposit within 7 days from satisfactory return of our vehicle. If we need to withhold repayment for any reason we will contact you to explain why and, give our estimated time to establish the full cost of any repairs or replacements necessary. Please note that some third party insurance claims can take considerable time to resolve. We will not attempt to make any unfair or excessive deductions from your deposit, and we will not charge you for small repairs which would be considered part of normal “wear and tear”.

Smoking/Vaping Policy

There is absolutely no smoking or vaping allowed in the campervan or awning at any time, and the hirer is responsible for reimbursement of cleaning or repairs to the vehicle due to any smoke/vape contamination or heat damage.

Pet Policy

Pets and other animals are not permitted in our campervans or awnings at any time.


Compulsory Driving Licence Entitlement Checks

Please note with effect from 8th June 2015 we are required to check the licence entitlement and penalty points for all UK licenced drivers of our hire vehicles at the time of pick-up, using the DVLAs online service.  This is a result of the UK Government's decision to stop issuing the paper part of the driving licence and also no longer updating the older paper licences, which currently record details of any endorsements (for details on this change, please see the Government's website https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-changes).

If you are a UK licenced driver, by making a booking with us you are giving your consent for us to use this service, and you must bring your National Insurance Number together with your current driving licence and proof of home address when you come to collect your vehicle.   Note, this applies to each driver for whom insurance cover is required.

We accept no liability for your costs if your departure is delayed or cancelled because you have failed to provide the necessary details.

You can view the DVLA check website and see your own details in advance of your hire at www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence.  

When you arrive for your hire you will need to present us with your National Insurance Number to enter on the access screen.  Once the check is completed we will not keep any record of your NI number, and if you wish to keep your NI number confidential you can opt to type it into the entry screen of the website yourself on our computer.  We can then view the details on the following results screen to verify your record.  If we cannot complete these checks we will be unable to proceed with the hire as the drivers would remain uninsured.

Most drivers with a good driving record, will meet our standard terms of insurance. However, the campervan shall not be driven by: -

a)  Hirers under 25 or over 70 years of age unless otherwise agreed by the Insurer.

b)  Hirers who have not held a full valid United Kingdom or EU driving licence for at least 2 years.

c)  Persons who have been convicted of an offence in connection with the driving of a motor vehicle or motorcycle and/or have had their driving licence endorsed or suspended or penalty points imposed. Parking and not more than two speeding offences in the past 3 years may be ignored. “Spent” convictions, covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 may be disregarded.

d) Persons who for medical reasons have had either restrictions imposed on their licence, or had their licence previously suspended/revoked.

e)  Persons who have had their insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or special insurance terms imposed as a result of claims experience and/or have had their insurance or cover cancelled by any Motor Insurer.

f)  Persons engaged wholly or partly in professional entertainment or professional sports persons.

g)  Persons connected with racing, jockeys,  gaming industry, or Press of any sort.

h)  Undergraduates and/or students under 25 years of age.

i)  Persons who, whilst driving, have been involved in more than one accident during the past 3 years.

j)  Foreign Service Personnel other than persons holding a full UK/EU licence for 2 years or more.

All drivers will be required to sign a confirmation that they meet these requirements in full at the time of collection. If you receive any endorsements or driving convictions between the time of booking and collection then you must inform us immediately.

Restrictions on Use

The vehicle shall not be taken outside the mainland area of Wales, England and Scotland.

The vehicle shall only be driven on made-up, surfaced roads. No off-road use is permitted except on official campsites, or in designated car-parking areas. The hirer is responsible for checking the surface condition of all off-road areas before driving over them, and will be liable for any damage to the underside of the vehicle, however caused.

The vehicle shall not be used for towing without authorisation of GoBongo. If you wish to tow small trailers or boating equipment you must request our approval and provide full details at the time of booking.

The vehicle shall not be used for the carriage of goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature or for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire and reward or any other form of profit or remuneration.

We do not accept bookings from stag, hen or other celebration parties.

Collection and Return

Hirers are required to allow 1 hour both on pick-up and again on return, for inspection of the vehicle, paperwork completion, and handover demonstrations. Each driver must present original documents at the time of pick-up to prove their :

GoBongo reserve the right to cancel the hire if at the time of collection the nominated drivers' Licences are invalid, their proofs of ID are not in accordance with the terms and conditions, or if the security deposit is not available as cleared funds. In these circumstances all monies paid by the hirer (except the refundable security deposit) will be forfeited to GoBongo.

Cancellation and Vehicle Availability

We regret that we cannot refund any deposit or final payment in the event that your arrival is delayed, or if you cancel or curtail your hire for any reason. We therefore strongly advise that you take out your own holiday insurance, including cancellation and curtailment cover.

If the vehicle booked is not available for any reason at the time of pick-up, we reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative. If we cannot source a suitable alternative vehicle, then the liabilities of GoBongo will be limited to the refund of any monies paid for the hire only.   We also reserve the right to delay or cancel your booking if in our view the weather would make it unsafe to drive the campervan, for example due to risk of ice on untreated roads.

Motoring Offences

The hirer is responsible for any motoring offences and any subsequent fines or penalties incurred during their hire period.

Vehicle Condition

The hirer will be responsible for daily checks on the condition of the vehicle including tyre condition and inflation.  Any abnormalities must be reported immediately to GoBongo.  The vehicle must not be driven if any warning lights are displayed on the dashboard.

Windscreen And Tyres

The hirer is responsible for any damage to windscreens and windows, and punctures or other damage to tyres during the period of the hire. Where possible these should be repaired or replaced as appropriate on a like for like basis, and paid for by you at the time. You should contact us to seek instructions before carrying out the repair. Failing this, an amount will be deducted from your deposit against damages which have to be repaired following your return.


The vehicle will be issued with a full tank of fuel, and must be returned in the same state.  If the tank is not full on return you will be charged a refuelling fee. The hirer is also responsible for reimbursement of damages to GoBongo should the wrong fuel be used in the vehicle.

Mileage Limits

Standard hire will include 100 miles use per day.  Excess mileage on return will be charged at the rate quoted on our hire charges page.

Insurance & Legal Requirements

Comprehensive insurance is included in the hire charge. Hirers are advised to arrange their own personal effects and travel insurance. The vehicle is only insured for the hire period and therefore the driving of the vehicle after the expiry of the contract period may result in the driver committing a traffic offence. Furthermore the hirer is entirely responsible for any accidental damage, injury and consequential loss after the expiry of the hire period.

The hirer, or other named drivers, are responsible for complying with all legal requirements in the UK. In particular please note that all passengers must wear seatbelts when travelling in the vehicle, and small children must be supplied with either a child car seat, or booster seat if necessary. It is the hirer's responsibility to supply this equipment if required and ensure it is used at all times.


In the event of a breakdown or accident, recovery services are at the disposal of the hirer. Instructions for replacements, at a cost not exceeding £50 may be given by the hirer, who will be reimbursed on the production of receipted invoices.  Reimbursement will not be made where the repair is the responsibility of the hirer, including any damage to windscreen or tyres. Prior authorisation must be obtained in respect of any repairs/replacements in excess of £50. GoBongo is not responsible for hotel or any other consequential expenses subsequent to a breakdown, but will refund the hire charges for any complete days loss of use of the vehicle. Every effort is made to ensure that the vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition before it leaves our company premises, but GoBongo shall be under no liability for third party claims or damages in connection with, or subsequent upon, any accident or breakdown.


In the event of an accident involving the campervan a complete accident report must be made out and handed to GoBongo at the time of termination of the hire. Please make sure you obtain names and addresses and vehicle information of all third parties and their insurance details. Also any witnesses details if applicable. A sketch of the accident and photos of the scene and damaged vehicles may be helpful. You should not discuss or admit liability with anyone. All accidents or damage must be reported to GoBongo as soon as possible.

Parking Facilities

You may leave one car on our premises while you are away. One set of keys, together with any alarm fob must be left with us, in case of emergency. All vehicles are left entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise.


We take every effort to make our website and specifications as accurate as possible. However, we do not accept any liability if the actual vehicle and equipment varies slightly from the features and descriptions on this website. GoBongo reserves the right to vary rates and conditions of hire and to refuse to hire to any person without giving a reason.